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It pays to know what healthcare services cost in your region.

Pricing for medical services can vary significantly, even for the same test, procedure or treatment. As high deductible plans become more common, it is more important than ever for you to be able to compare prices when you shop for health care. HIMG is committed to transparency in the pricing of its services, and we invite you to compare our prices with those of our competitors in the region.


Q: What does "HIMG Charge" mean?
A: The HIMG Charge is the amount HIMG charges for that particular service if you are paying the bill yourself or not submitting the bill to an insurance company.

Q: What does "Cash Price" mean?
A: The Cash Price is the significantly discounted price our patients pay if they pay their entire bill at the time of service.

Q: What if I'm using my insurance?
A: If you are using insurance (accepted insurance plans) for your visit or procedure, we will collect your co-pay and deductible at the time of service and bill your insurance for the balance on your behalf.

Q: What is a CPT Code?
A: A CPT or Billing Code is a number you can use if you want to call your insurance company to validate your out-of-pocket expense.

Q. What are facility fees?
A. These are additional fees charged by Hospitals that add cost to the office visit for those clinics that are owned by Hospitals.

Q. What facility fees does HIMG charge?
A. The only facility fee charged by HIMG is if you have an Endoscopy procedure at the HIMG Endoscopy Center. This is a fee that covers the cost of the equipment, medication, and staffing.


While HIMG strives to provide accurate information about prices and estimated costs, various factors may affect pricing, including:

  • Time of selection: Prices are subject to change from time to time.
  • Additional expenses: Some laboratory and professional fees such as physician, radiologist, anesthesiologist and pathologist may not be included in these estimates.
  • Additional services: Your health condition may require additional services or treatments beyond what is defined, such as additional time with the same practitioner, specialist or a different condition than scheduled.